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Pre-K Programming

We spark imaginative learning!
We'll provide enrichment workshops at your school weekly, monthly, seasonally or for special events.


  • Ages 3-5
  • $140 for up to 20 children
  • 30-45 minutes long
  • Safe and affordable




    This workshop helps children discover the invisible world of air! Children explore the uses and properties of air using Vortex Generators, a Bernoulli bag and pinwheels. Like “magic”, a ping pong ball will seem to float in midair!



    Young children will love this workshop all about animals. They learn about animal babies and parents. They also explore the different sounds and noises animals make, and the different types of coverings animals have, such as fur, scales and feathers.

    Children take home their own animal masks they decorated using what they learned about animals.


  • BUGS!

    Welcome to the realm of insects!  Children are introduced to the world of creepy, crawly creatures that they find beneath their feet. They learn about insects’ unique eyesight, and the way they defend themselves against predators.  Children use their new knowledge to build their very own model insect to take home. 



    Take the mystery out of chemistry! Children explore one of the fundamental sciences by experimenting with and observing various chemicals, potions and solutions in action.  They begin their exploration by watching Styrofoam reduced to a puddle of goo -chemistry in motion! Children apply their knowledge of chemical processes to make their own “Crazy Chalk” to take home.  


    Children become Paleontologists and learn about excavating and recovering fossils! We uncover facts about dinosaurs—what they were, what they ate, and theories on where they went. Children examine real fossil casts and explore the differences in the teeth of plant-eating and meat-eating dinosaurs. They also participate in a mini dinosaur excavation and make a cast of a dinosaur tooth to take homes



    Take an exciting look at the world of dry ice through a series of fun experiments! Children learn about the three states of matter and a lesser known phenomenon called “sublimation,” where a solid turns directly into a gas. They learn the secrets behind the bubbling potions found in Mad Science’s laboratories while answering the question, “What do you think this weird ice cube can do?” Children are amazed by this “cool” class and take a thermo-color-changing cup home for the experiments to continue!



    Children are introduced to something right in front of their face — their eyes! They explore the parts andfunction of their eyes and go on to experiment with magnifying glasses, kaleidoscopes, and binoculars. Children also interact with a variety of optical illusions to illustrate that your eyes can sometimes play tricks on you. Children not only walk away with a pair of their very own binoculars, but also with a better understanding of how their bodies work.



    Children discover the intricacies of the human body! They learn that bodies are made up of bones called skeletons. They also discover that muscles help people move, and that the heart pumps blood through the body bringing food and oxygen. Children continue the learning at home with their own skeletal puzzle friend “Mr. Bones.”


    Children explore their sense of touch and discover that fingers can tell us things our eyes can’t. We discuss safety and how some things shouldn’t be touched. Children test out their nerve endings and learn how to read without using their eyes. Using a liquid crystal board, they see how the heat from our hands creates rainbow colors. Each child will mold and create a masterpiece using their hands and sense of touch.



    What color is light and what makes a shadow? Children discover the answers to these questions and more through a series of hands-on activities! With the use of some cool equipment, children get to meet and capture their shadows, and learn how to change the color of light. They also get to continue the exploration at home with a device that splits light into a rainbow of colors!



    Invite children to listen closely to the sound of science! Getting hands-on with a sound wave and seeing how sound can make cereal dance is just the beginning. Children learn how our ears let us tune in on the world around us and test their listening skills by comparing and analyzing sounds. They also are treated to a glimpse into Hollywood, where they see how some common sound effects are created, and they go home being able to imitate birds using their very own warbling bird call.


    Children get to mix things up and observe the fascinating world of chemical reactions! Bubbling beakers, colorful chemicals, and liquids that float on top of each other will introduce children to the properties of various substances. Children get to put their knowledge to use as they mix up a tasty, fizzy treat, and get to whip up their very own Mad Science Dough, to go!



    Discover Planet Earth! Peek beneath its crust and uncover what it’s made of. Children discover the world ofgeology, including geological formation,classification systems, and the fundamental characteristics of rocks and minerals. They experience the thrill of panning for gems; and the gems they find, they’ll get to take home and keep for further study and identification!



    Preschoolers learn all about the science behind life in the ocean through hands-on activities and interactive discussions. They see how sand is created and observe seashells up close. Children also discover what creatures live in the sea and play a game about conservationists and predators! Then they get to take home their very own Ocean-in-a-Bottle!



    How’d they do that? It must have been magic! No - it was the clever application of scientific knowledge and

    known phenomena! Children are dazzled by a little “magic” in our exciting opener...but is it really magic? We’ll challenge them to employ their minds and senses to determine the explanation for our tricks. How’d they make those crazy diaper commercials? Want to see a card trick? Each child will learn a very neat magic trick and take home the crayons they’ll need to do it!



    Preschoolers turn into Astronauts in Training for our out-of-this-world workshop! Children learn why we can’t see stars during the day like we can at night. Then they learn about the star of our solar system — the sun! We explore what order the planets are in and how they are always spinning, all while orbiting the sun. Children finish up their Astronaut Training with a mock take-off and get to use robot-like arms to collect “moon rocks” asthough they were really in space. They get to take home a mini squeeze rocket, propelled by air and their imaginations!



    Whet children’s curiosity about water with this fun workshop! They learn why some things float and others sink and will soak up an understanding of absorption! They discover how water has surface tension and run an experiment to see if they can effect change. We know that raindrops come from the sky, but how are they made? Finally, children create and take home a sparkle tube — a scientific way to play with and test density and viscosity!



    Today’s forecast: a chance of curiosity with a downpour of fun! Children have fun with this interactive and handson introduction to weather. They try some experiments to see how wind, water, and heat help to make weather. Finally, children get to make their very own windsock to take home and cherish as it blows in the breeze.


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