Our Party Themes


Ooey Gooey Slime Party

Kids check out dissolving foam, awesome slimy demonstrations and Hands-On Slime Olympics. The party participants will create THREE different take home slime varieties, including Traditional Slime, Glow-in-the-DarkSlime, and Snowball Slime. You couldn’t find anything slimier if you tried!


Outta This World Space Party

Let your child and their friends explore the excitement of outer space with a Mad Science Space party! The kids will get to learn about how rockets and space shuttles launch. They'll travel though space and look at stars with special glasses and experience shooting stars, simulated atmospheres on other planets, alien bubble baths and make Extraterrestrial Slime to take home.


Fizzy Physics

Children have a blast launching mini and jumbo water rockets, concocting crackling Mad Science potions, and doing many more activities that allow them to have fun experiencing science outdoors.


Young Wizards & Witches Party

Does your child enjoy reading about young wizards? Then they'll love this one. Experiments include: Magic tricks revealed, secret message paper that disappears with a bright flash, and our Wizard's Indoor Fireworks display. The Mad Scientist will demonstrate Mystic Potions with Dry Ice, Voldemorts Volcano of Foam, and Magical Substances with Slime for all!



Celebrate the spooky season with our Halloween-themed science party! Children use science to reverse a witch's spell on Count Eggbert. They also experience creepy potions, a dry ice cemetery effect, and floating eyeballs that will amaze everyone!


Jr Mad Scientist Party (Ages 4 & 5 only)

Our Preschool Birthday party is an excellent introduction to science for the younger children. In it we help the children gain an understanding of science through a few hands-on activities: air vortexs, bubbles, magnetism, chemistry and of course we finish with making Mad Science Putty or Slime!


Secret Agent Party

Your child and their friends can join the ranks at the Mad Science Secret Agency. They'll play spy games and learn about becoming a savvy crime stopper. They will use secret agent techniques and take home some fun spy technology.


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