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Science Booths

Mad Science Activity Stations


Up to 2-hours of Science Fun! A good way to sparking excitment in high-traffic events. An excellent activity for early release days. Starting at $350/booth.

 Booth Type Description Activit(ies)


 Learn about Bernoulli's principal of fluid dynamics. Check out what seems like a magically levatating ball or test your strength trying to separate our Magdenberg's sphere.
  • Cartesian Diver (Take home)
  • Magdenberg's Sphere
  • Bernoulli demonstration 
  • Hoverboard ride 


Children get engrossed in entomology! Insect anatomy is introduced and examined up close. A container of creepy crawlers is divided into insects and non-insects. See how insects spread pollen.
  • Build a bug
  • Insect-a-vision (Take home)
 COLORS/LIGHTCheck out how white light is created! Use our Mad Science glasses to see light in a whole new way. Children will love to play with our hypnotize technicolor blender. Perfect for Winter holiday events!
  • Defraction glasses
  • Technicolor Blender (Take home)
  • Catch a shadow 


 Check out this pre-historic booth and learn about the work of paleontologists in this dino-dig activity. Reccommended for ages 3-7.
  • Pre-histroric fossils
  • Dino Puzzles


Ever wonder how dry ice works? Learn about heat or the lack there of with this science station. Check out our Mad Science color-changing cups. Just add cold water.
  • Bubbling potions
  • Cemetery effects
  • Thermocups (Take home) 


How is electricity "made"? How does a circuit work? We'll answer these questions and more in this shocking science station. It will really spark your imagination. 
  • Parallel circuit board 
  • Plasma Ball
  • Van der Graff Machine
  • Static Stick (Take home) 


 Learn about structures and engineering before the days of Legos. However, we can incorporate those too! See how Roman archways still stand after thousands of years and try your hand at bridge building.

  • Roman Archways
  • Marshmallow & Toothpick Bridges
  • Bridge Basics (Take home) 



 This customizable activity station focuses our many bodily systems. We also promote healthy choices and back it up with science!
  • Be Tobacco Free
  • Fat vs Muscle
  • Human Anatomy 
  • Kitchen Chemistry


 Experience the pull of magnetism! Ever been an atom in a magnet? Find out exactly what magnets like to “hang” out with. Children build cool magnet chains and play with some of the wildest forces in the universe.
  • Levitron globe
  • Ferrofluid display 
  • Magnetic bridge challenge
  • Magnet Lab (Take home) 


 Children employ their minds and senses to determine the explanation for our tricks, and they learn the secrets behind some famous magic that they can recreate for themselves. This activity booth shows that with examination, and by applying our senses and rational faculties, we can discern a rational, scientific explanation for sleight of hand.
  • Slush cups
  • Visual illusion boards
  • Periscopes (Take home) 


 Children catapult into Newton’s three laws of motion!Check our or Mad Science Toro flux, Gyroscopes and Tornado Tubes. All that science will leave your head spinning.
  • Tornado tube display
  • Toro flux
  • Gravity Games (Take home) 


 Goop, ooze, and slime are three words sure to put a smile on any child’s face! This booth introduces children to the world of polymers! They get to touch, observe, and talk about what makes up a polymer, and best of all, each child will make his or her own batch of colorful, ooey- gooey Mad Science Slime to take home!
  • Polymer Ball (Take home)
  • Slime Cups (Take home)
  • Disappearing Polymers 


 This sense-ational booth introduces children to how our senses work and function. Through ears-on demonstrations and activities, children learn to be sense-ative. Children give their ears a hand by amplifying sound with our very own Mad Science megaphones. 
  • Boomwackers
  • Thunder tubes
  • Sounds Like Science
  • Sonic Horns (Take home) 


This activity booth introduces children to the dynamics of rocket flight. Our friends at NASA share some great demonstrations for our Mad Scientists to perform. We'll share some examples of space phenomena and what it's like to live in space.

  • Balloon Rocket Race
  • Space Stations (Take home)
  • Cosmic Discs (Take home) 


 Children get weather-wise in this climate-controlled experience! Welcome to the wild world of weather! Children investigate why it rains, what causes lightning, and how weather can be predicted with meteorology. They also make a UV bead bracelet to take home so they can continue to explore the amazing world of weather.
  • Van Der Graff Machine
  • UV Sun Beads (Take home)
  • Tornado Tubes 

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